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Parts of armor

Viking Swords and Wootz

Bashford Dean's development of Arms and Armor

A matchlock chronology, ca. 1520 to 1720

A Unique Double Barrel Bronze Tiller Haquebut, North Germany, ca. 1420

Katzbalgers and Related Landsknecht Swords

Late Gothic Crossbows and Accouterments

Breech loading 1450-1550

The oldest known handgun in existence, ca. 1400-10

1481 - the world's earliest dated handgun

16th/17th century chain shot

Mid to Late 16th Century Patrons for Paper Cartridges

Incendiary quarrels/arrows/crossbow bolts

Halberds ca. 1500-1580

barrels with tube fastening in 1470-80

Iron ramrod in xv century

Photos from museum of artillery

Basket hilted swords

The influence of Europan swords in the Deccan

The EARLY MAKERS TRADE MARKS thread... lost and partly restored

Swords a la Portuguese

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