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Default The Big Takouba Thread

Since takoubas seem to pop up regularly and the same questions keep being asked, I tought I'd put together all the big discussions that have focussed on these swords in the past. I tried to assemble all the big threads that provided most information about the takouba, along with the comprehensive article written by Lee Jones.

"A Nice Takouba..."
A discussion centered upon what a Takouba with European blade may look like and how one may differentiate between locally produced blades and European trade blades.

"Opinions on a Takouba"
Discussion started to determine the use or meaning of brass on Takouba handles. It eventually brought forth some interesting information, including the naming of Tuareg castes and types of spears. The new "discovery" was partly a re-iteration of that made by Lee Jones on a trip to Mali and presented on the old forum: "Report from Timbukto: Tuareg Edged Weapons"

"Takouba like sabre"
This thread evolved into a short discussion about a variety of Takouba-like swords with curved blades. It brings to mind another old thread, "Etymology: kaskara and takouba terms" in which the term Alguinjar had come up for these sabres.

"Takouba blade etching" While pictures are no longer available for this thread, the text offers some explanations for some etched marks sometimes seen on the forte of Takouba.

"Report from Agadez: Tuareg Edged Weapons"
This report provides a good insight as to the current situation of takouba supply in Agadez. It also provides excellent information about mounts and the quality of blades.

Should there be other important threads that I failed to include here, please point them out and rectify the ommission.

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