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Originally Posted by Matchlock
Please see my new thread on gun rests/forks:


Thank you so much for your work. I'm just an amateur, but I'm really interested in the subject. I appreciate it sincerely. I'll read it carefully

Regards, Carlos Valenzuela

Sure. A lock, not a key The spanish word "llave" is both lock and key.

As I said, and will show soon, those butts have a trap, a recess with a sliding wooden cover; it was NOT a "patchbox" but was used to keep small cleaning utensils, like a worm and scourer, and wadding for the load.
Please see an Italian arquebus of ca. 1525-30, with a butt trap on the underside of the buttstock in which the original cleaning tools are still preserved; in The Michael Trömner Collection

Thanks for the clarification

Wadding for the load It is always used?

I have been looking for more information about the parade entry in bologna. Several relationships about the same. I have found it interesting to note one:

Della venuta e dimora in Bologna del sommo pontefice Clemente VII. per la coronazione de Carlo V. imperatore celebrata l'anno MDXXX. Cronaca con note documenti ed incisioni (1842) f.31/p.75

finalmente una compagnia di moschettieri a cavallo intorno a quaranta carri di polvere, palle, e diverse munizioni; da ultimo tre vessilliferi, ed un drappello di moschettieri a piedi, che chiudevano questo trionfale corteggio

[English google translation]
finally a company of musketeers [on horse] riding around forty wagons of powder, balls, and other munitions; least three standard-bearers, and a squad of musketeers on foot, which closed this triumphal procession

I always thought there had not been musketeers walk to the 1560s

Greetings, Carlos
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