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Sorry, I just wanted another look and thought it deserves a BUMP.

I've asked Santa if he can find one like it for me......

Cant be much help on the ornamentation, but the 'face of glory' Makara mask is an interesting field of study on its own.
I really love the bowl I have so delved into the image a little and found an interesting site whre a chap has traced the 'Greem Man' image back through history and has conjectured a link to the Makara image (which seems lieky IMHO). Have alook at the page, or at least the one that covers the 'green man' in India. Searching on the Makara image might be a starting point for the other parts of the design, google face of glory, makara etc and see if you come acropss any other designs that show similarities?

green man/makara page
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