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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
After lots of questions to many different people and several craftsmen khanjar makers and sword makers the answer is ~ its for a wrist strap ! So when you are dancing with the weapon you dont lose it...I think that transposes to the old days since dancing is or was a form of martial art training for fighting.... That the wrist strap prevented total loss of the weapon should it be twisted out of your hand (A common trick with the combination of Terrs shield and Kattara) The tang and pommel are one piece of metal so its not to assist screwing on the pommel and its nothing to do with the devlish nature of Iron nor in fact is it meant to dangle beads from though I can see how that could be used...Phew!!

Salaams Ibrahiim, That DOES answer the original question thankyou. Now for the next challenge......a pic of a Kattara WITH the wrist strap....................
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