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Originally Posted by ariel
Charles, you are outdoing yourself time and time again!
Absolutely gorgeous!

However, I do not think it is North African. IMHO, it is South Arabian, likely Omani. My main point is the configuration of the blade: widening toward the tip. Similar configuration is seen in Elgood’s book on weapons of Arabia ( Fig. 2.1 and by description 2.2). Seems to me it is quite short: thus a genuine “nimcha”:-), a naval cutlass, so popular with seafaring Omanis.

Also, the lavish decoration is very reminiscent of the luxurious Zanzibari nimchas with gold coins on the handle from Buttin’s catalogue ( plate XXX) and Hales’ catalogue ( Figs. 589-90). Similarly “segmented” decor of the scabbard is also seen in the same book ( 2.18 and2.21)

Also, you might recall Elgood’s comment about Bukharans in Oman. They brought enameling there.

I doubt there is an iron-clad provenance, so that’s only my gut feeling.

Its not a weapon I have ever seen in Oman. This does however, satisfy the equation of being Algerian . The I Couldn't shrink it in size to fit EAA parameters... but you can see it on the web..The example has a part tortoiseshell hilt although it may well be of the same family . The provenance is in my opinion Algerian... surely it has to be off the coast as it is every inch a corsairs weapon. However having said that I have not got the Hales or Elgood reference work before me.. ~ Regarding coins on Omani or Zanzibari items I take it on those with Ivory hilts and gold work probably added by goldsmiths on the Zanj or even in Stonetown… These are not coins but circular shapes along with leaf shaped designs from the African comb making fraternity; see below..
I doubt if there is such an animal as a Zanzibari Nimcha and to my eye Butin got as close as any expert in his three plates which I placed at an earlier thread but I believe his detail still accurate and on his 3 plates there is no mention of Zanzibar...therefor
please see post 12 and viewing plate XXX 993 994 995 … The project Nimcha is seen as one of those .It may even be on Plate XXX11 991... Shown as an other oriental design.

I must confess I have never seen Bukharen work in Oman...although in the Yemen, yes, for good historical reasons and known links… Further I have no recollection of enameling work here .. Do you mean Yemen also?
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