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Hi Jeff,

Neat sword! I think it's a solution to a different problem, though. There's a book out there (forgot the title) that's a translation of a late-medieval German swordmanship manual.

In that manual, they show the proper way to use a long sword (i.e. hand-and-a-half sword) against a foe in plate armor. Basically, you have to have gloves, on, because you grab the sword half-way up the blade and use the tip as a bayonet/pry-bar to attack the cracks in the armor at extreme close range. I say bayonet rather than short spear, because the the stance reminds me of the way one holds a rifle with for bayonet practice, as do the moves (short stabs and swings, using the pommel and guard in place of the rifle butt).

My suspicion is that this sword was designed with this half-sword grip in mind: Normally, one's finger holds the guard at the base, but at close quarters, you grab the pommel with the other hand, push the guard forward with the lead hand, and use it in a half-sword grip, without sacrificing the guard on the forward hand.

As far as swords with sliding weights, doesn't Stone's Glossary have a picture? I don't have my copy with me, but I have a memory that it does.

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