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Originally Posted by Roland_M
Hello Jasper,

I am very sorry to correct you, but the average weight of a european flanged mace is around 1.5 kg and more.
The mace must be so heavy, because the mace is originally intended for penetrate or at least pressing dents in a plate armour. The thickness of a tempered european plate armour is between 1.5 an 2 mm.

A battlefield mace with a weight of less than 1.2 kg would be too lightweight against plate armour.

Best regards Roland

Hi Roland,

you may correct me, but it must of course be supported in order to convince me.
1.5 kg average and more you have mentioned is not correct,
where did you find this digit?

Clive Thomas has written a wonderful article on maces in park lane arms and armor fair cataloque of 2014. I've also spoken to Clive about the weights of the different maces, because what he found was much lighter then we both expected.

Quote Clive page 21 "In General it could be said that the solid shafted examples are about 52.5 cm in avarage overall length and weigh around 1,050kg, whilst the tubular types are approximately 50cm and 560g, respectively" unquote

the type under discussion is oakeshott M2 and/or Clive Thomas B2
this type was usually larger around 60cm+ and heavier then the earlier ones
but will average not go over the maximum weight found of 1.2-1.3 KG
some examples from the article.

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