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Very nice find, Wayne! I personally would clean the blade and refinish the discs to their traditional japanned black. Lots of questions to consider once you have the sword in hand. Is it for sure the Brit m1803 and not the popular (and later) knock-off German Schnitzler & Kirshbaum pattern which often even has spurious GR mark. See Gilkerson for the pattern I'm talking about. Many of these 1803's were contemporary to 1800-15. I used to believe that if they didn't have the cursive GR/crown, they were post-1815 surplus or overstock sent abroad for private purchase. In actuality, there were many makers of this sword pattern during the war period who used the block letter GR stamp, their own smith stamp or no stamp at all. As you indicated, the double broad arrow seems to indicate a true Brit that might have seen service during the war but was sold out to other naval powers later as private purchase. We'll know more when you clean the item-
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