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Amazing !
I would swear that the Bilbo was a determined type of hilt, and not a generic term.
If you ever decide to test/taste portuguese alvarinho, try Palacio da Brejoeira; maybe this is the more expensive one, but it is definitely the best... well, not counting with those home made private harvests that eventually we come across with.
We also have the term espadeiro here, to refer to fishermen of peixe-espada (sword-fish).
The rompe-puntas (quebra pontas here) is also found in portuguese bowl cup hilt swords. Let's call it a peninsular characteristic ... until i (we)find some reading about its specific origin, local and date
Concerning perservation of these swords until later dates, also in Portugal they survived for a long period, having actually become emblematic. They kept being made until the XVIII century and their utility lasted long as the begining of the XIX century, due to absence of a better resource, by the population, during the various conflicts and civil wars.
I wonder why Jim doesn't come around; knowing that he is also a cuphilt lover


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