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Originally Posted by Bill Marsh
As always, another fascinating thread from Jim!

BTW What kind of harpoon DID Captain Ahab use on the Great White Whale, Moby Dick?

Anyhow I have found a few pictures of these "Winged Hussars." Might help promote conversation.

Thanks so much Bill!!! Great illustrations which really do capture the pageantry and fantastic appearance of these cavalrymen. I do hope others find the history of these hussars as interesting as I do.

BTW....Bill, you know me too well. You know I could never watch that movie "Moby Dick" without asking that exact question!!!
Since Melville's Captain Ahab and his quest for the great white whale was based on New England whalers of about late 1830's they would have been using the single flue (barb) type harpoon, but by the time the book was published in 1851, the iron toggle type came in !!

We really did have a thread on this just last year I couldnt resist.

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