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Hello Ian,

Thanks for the additional data!

The defect appears to be filled with resin.

As mentioned above I'd guess there was something inlaid here; probably nothing too fancy though IMHO.

Blade length = 10.5 inches
Thickness of blade in front of hilt = 5/16 inch
The blade does taper towards the tip but not a great deal until about a half-inch from the tip where it tapers fairly acutely to the point. The sharpened edge starts about 3.5 inches from the hilt.

To have one third of the edge unsharpened is certainly unusual for Southeast Asia.

For a blade that is not very wide it is quite sturdy and thick. Probably a good thrusting weapon.

Yeah, it does look like a very simple rencong/sewar blade (without bolster and other bells and whistles). However, the hilt does not really look optimized for stabbing, doesn't it? (The gripping area appears to be rather long: when you keep the pommel inside your palm, you pretty much loose contact with the blade and vice versa if you snuggle up on the blade?)

Apparently the 2/3 edge got resharpened quite a lot, too - IMVHO quite excessive if this blade got predominantly utilized as dagger...

Maybe a utility knife with more specialized function? Or a really convincing attempt at a sharpened pry-bar at last?

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