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Originally Posted by cornelistromp
nonetheless, this oval pommel variation can be seen earlier, already in 13thC art , on early frescoes in Eastern Europe. fe. Zica Monestry 1220 in Serbia and 2 others in Kosovo.

I found this pommel in combination with XII blade, a almost similar recess I have seen on a type of Z pommel.
it would be interesting to see a sword with a H1 pommel with a similar recess
Hello again Jasper,
Finally I have time to follow up properly (holiday season!)... What particularly struck me about the shape of the pommel is the recess plus the central nub - I have the impression the latter is not too common, particularly prior to the 1400s, when they start to appear more on type XV and XVIII arming swords? I am very curious to see any of these relevant comparisons you have found.

I have found one possible example of a similar H1 pommel, but the line drawing is not enough to say for sure... it is in the Casimir Pulaski Museum, in Poland again! The "eastern European" trend is holding strong.

Also from Poland is a sword in Malbork Castle... but this has been determined to be a FAKE! (see Zabinski, Stepinski, "A sword from Gdansk...")

Apart from these, the only comparison that came to mind is a group of XIIIa's that greatly resemble each other: narrow blades, thin tangs, long thin crosses, and disk pommels with the recess/nub. Below is one of these from the museum in Vienna, there are couple others in museums and circulating in recent auctions.

Happy holidays,
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