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Originally Posted by Pukka Bundook

These barrels have the same constriction of the bore well up from the breech. as far up as maybe 5-6"
How and what they loaded with I have no clue. When I checked mine, although small bore of .50 or less, they still wanted to hold a couple of hundred brains of powder to fill this chamber!

Try a long wire down the bore, as it may be just the constriction you are hitting.



Hi Richard.

Well, I was partially mistaken. After further investigation here is what I've found so far: Running a wire in the vent hole, there is evidence of powder in the breech. From the muzzle end, there is some type of semi-soft cloth or other fabric about 3" from the breech. Twisting, my patch puller will get a hold on it, but it doesn't want to budge. Hmmmm. If there is a ball/projectile it would half to be behind this cloth/wad/material. I'll try a bit more with the patch puller. Next, I think I will try some boiling hot water or penetrating oil to see if it will soften the material.
So far, I have not noticed a conctriction like on some Torador barrels. But you may be right. Just need to get that piece of material out.

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