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Originally Posted by cornelistromp
if he started working as a sword smith in Solingen at around the age of 20, then he stopped in Toledo at the age of 107! ???
This is obviously not the case.
if you could survive childhood and your teenage years you had a good chance of living to your 50s or your early 60s.

I think there are two Clemens mixed together here.

re Toldedo:
Wendelin Boeheim refers to one Spanish? dated blade of Clemente dinger,
but questioned whether there really has worked a Dinger in Toledo.
It was fashion to put in Solingen Spanish phrases and Toledo look a like marks in the blades.

I expect the career of clemens Dinger as suggested by Boeheim, before 1627 to mid 50s to be very likely.


Well, Andrea Ferara produced thousands of blades over at least two centuries!!
Naturally there seems a disparity in records, and there were a number of smiths in the Dinger family over generations. Without any further thought needed toward the latter Clemens Dinger attribution nor Toledo, my point was primarily that the making of this blade seems to me likely the earlier (pre 1627) and I do agree the period suggested.
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