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Default Harveys

Hi Jim

Actually there are quite a few Harveys, according to my data base as follows:
Harvey, George: 1777 1780 21 Park St
Harvey, John: 1630 - 1645
Harvey, John: 1849 1854 40 High St, Deritend
Harvey, John: 1855 - Albert Works, Glover St
Harvey, John: 1860 - 27 Adderley St
Harvey, John: 1865 1882 123 Steelbouse Lane
Harvey, John: 1883 1897 Coleshill St
Harvey, Joseph: 1800 1814 16 Upper Priory
Harvey, Joseph: 1815 1820 Park St
Harvey, Mary: 1847 - High St, Deritend
Harvey, William: 1816 1820 High St

There is even a Mary for a short time. The earliest Harvey appears to be a John Harvey, but as you say I can find no records of when or who used what version of the fox. I guess we will never know unless we can accuratley date some blades, but as Baskets often had there blades updated, this is not much help either.

Cheers Cathey and Rex
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