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Originally Posted by chregu
hello Together

here is my latest find.

this is a royal Khanjar? how old is he about?
the handle is rino horn, the light is beautiful yellowish translucent.
I would like to hear your opinion about it, especially your Ibrahiim.
the Khanjar not heard me, must first be agreed with the seller over the price.

regards Chregu

Salaams chregu, #45 and #46 refer to similar hilts and #1 gives some details on provenance of this HILT DESIGNED BY THE WIFE OF A PREVIOUS RULER .. THIS IS THE BUSSAIDI KHANJAR STYLE. THE SCABBARD IS LIKE ALL ROYAL DAGGERS THE SAME AS THE MUSCAT KHANJAR WITH 7 RINGS.

Designers name ... "Sheherazad" ... Origimal style designed in about 1840. Wife of Said Sultan; ruled 1804 to 1856 (when he died).. She actually designed two things ... The hilt and the royal turban. (The royal hiltstyle was also adopted onto the Omani Battle Sword at the same time). See #8 on

In your case the decoration below the belt has gone; typical of daggers which have been in the Salalah region. It has the benefit of a two piece hinged small belt section, though, the long belt is missing. Short hinged belts are rare now. The small net shaped device just behind the toe or crown on the scabbard end has also gone. Nevertheless a good example and probably 1960 or 1970 ...that area.
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