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Dear Colleagues!
I am a restorator of antiques in National Museum in Warsaw, I specialize in metal objects and miscellaneous materials, but beside of this, I work to prepare to doctorate in art and military technique. My subject is about origin of Polish cavalry cartridge box (pouche). It means that I am looking for objects similar to, for example Lancer cartage box from Napoleon period, but from XVIIth or even XVIth century, Of course I know that it was in use others pouches & webbing patterns to carry ammunition, but I am very poor in this information. I have got all information about objects from Polish’s museums but it is not enough. In hope to find more information. Do you know anything about cartridge boxes from XVIIth century similar to these I present on my photos?
Looking forward for reply,
mgr Piotr M. Zalewski
Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie
On phothos you can see my copy (as a matter of fact it is reconstruction ) of polish National Cavalry cartige box for "Towarzysz" (nobil man in service as a private in cavalry) in use 1786-1791.
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