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Originally Posted by Swordfish
The other aspect is, that the rings are so weak, that this mail shirt could never have been used for fighting. It must be a splendor-shirt, used only
for celebration activities. The smaller the rings, the higher the number of rings, the higher the price, the higher the rank of its owner. Therefore it
is unlikely that it was captured during fighting. It was surely booty from the armoury of a nobleman of high rank.

there is a special group of swords known, type XVIIIC swords, all originating from the alexandria arsenal !!!(probably brought there from Italy).
(the otomans have acquired the vast corpus of these Alexandria swords after their conquest of Egypt in 1517 and maybe robed it together with the above mail with the Tamga mark.)
These swords have a strong tappering blade of very flat diamond section with rounded mid rib and very sharp point but the point is too thin for stabbing. (differently to the castillon Hoard swords fe).
On the other hand, this blade design is one of the most effective cutting blades ever made for (medieval) swords.
A fine ringed mail like above can offfer a perfect protection against this type of slicing swords.

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