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Emanuel 15th January 2007 07:44 PM

Big Flyssa Thread
Here is a compilation of all the threads I could find dealing specifically with the flyssa or contributing information to our understanding of this weapon. I thought this would be useful, as I for one often come back reading about the flyssa. I will do this for some other interesting weapons as well.

"Nice Old Flyssa"
A blast from the past, dealing with the potential use of the flyssa as a cavalry weapon. Just how it was employed and how one was meant to cut with it is still subject to debate.

"Interesting flyssa variant"
A discussion about a more rudimentary type of flyssa, with little decoration. The last post includes a variant with high curvature, a departure from the generally straight examples.

"A Kabyle Flissa of Algeria"
This discussion centred more upon the geographic attribution of the flyssa - whether it was Moroccan or Algerian. There is also interesting information about symbolism and possible fighting methods.

"Curved Flyssa in St-Petersburg museum...Ariel, Jim, Ham...somebody please explain!!!"
A discussion about a curved flyssa, not too common, but apparently nothing too extraordinary. Some good links have been presented between the flyssa and some Circassian sabres. It seems the same flyssa picture had been posted in an earlier thread: "a few exhibitions/articles, great photos" unknown to me.

"My First Flyssa ..... a few questions"
A short thread on a medium-sized flyssa. Good to see the different variants of this sword.

"good battle quality flyssa"
This discussion covered a simple unadorned flyssa variant.

Again, if I missed any, please point them out.

Andrew 25th January 2007 11:30 PM

Here's the one you PM'd me about, Emanuel.

And here's a new one:

I'm, also, linking this in the "classics" thread. Thanks for putting these threads together! :)

RhysMichael 26th January 2007 02:27 PM

I've always wanted to handle one of these. I've wondered how they felt in hand so to speak.

Andrew 26th January 2007 03:16 PM

I've handled a few of these, JT. I didn't really like the "feel" of either the short or long versions. I suspect it was a function of my ignorance of how they're supposed to be used. :o

Emanuel 14th August 2007 10:43 PM

Perhaps I'll add this one to the bunch.

Flyssa - I finally got one! My first flyssa...of course it brought on more thoughts and rants and re-readings of "Sabres Kabyles" by Camille Lacoste-Desjardins. That treatise may be downloaded here:
Some thoughts on decoration and use, and especially, more pictures!

Emanuel 12th April 2008 07:37 PM

One more!

Yataghan / Flyssa about the similarieties between some Otoman yataghan and the flyssa. Particular emphasis on the brass scrollwork seen on the flyssa.

Bill M 13th April 2008 01:54 AM

Here are some when I misspelled flyssa.

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