Royal Armouries

The following medieval swords were on display in the Royal Armouries in Leeds in February, 1998. The accession numbers, copied from the exhibit labeling, may be cross referenced with descriptions and illustrations in Dufty (1974) using the tables on pages 151 - 153.

War Gallery

IX.14 - Medieval sword, hand and a half, with an oval wheel pommel with raised centers and a crossguard with distally widening quillions in bow-tie fashion. The greatly corroded blade of flattened diamond cross-section is narrow and tapers along straight (except for corrosion) edges to an acute point. Labeled possibly German, late 14th Century (Dufty plate 4c).

Type X swords at the White TowerIX.859 - Viking age sword with two part iron tea-cosy pommel and moderately short, thick cross-guard. An obscured iron-inlay is present on the blade. 10th to 11th Century (Dufty plate 1b, Laking figure 18). This is the sword to the left in the adjacent snapshot from the old exhibit at the White Tower. The sword on the right (Dufty plate 1a) is also on display in the new Royal Armouries, but is unlabeled in a yet incomplete case.

IX.915 - Medieval sword, hand and a half or two handed, with a long wide blade showing a mild to moderate taper. A single shallow fuller runs about 40% of the blade's length. An Alexandria (Egypt) arsenal accession inscription is present in the fuller. Described in Mann (1963) (Dufty plate 4d).

IX.1027 - Medieval sword with a moderately wide and mildly tapering blade with a narrow fuller running 80 to 90 percent of blade length. The iron pommel is of disc form and the iron crossguard is long and straight. Labeled as being possibly English, early 13th Century (Dufty plate 2b).

IX.1081 - Medieval sword with rounded "beehive" shaped iron pommel and slender, long cross-guard. Labeled early 12th Century (Dufty plate 1c).

IX.1082 - Medieval sword with a moderately long and broad repaired blade with a very narrow fuller running 80 to 90 percent of blade length. A blade inscription inlaid in white metal (tin?) is present. The pommel is of rounded brazil-nut form and the crossguard in of moderate length and slender cross-section. Labeled late 12th Century (Dufty plate 2c).

IX.1084 - Medieval sword, hand and a half, with a latten wheel pommel with raised center and quillions flaring slightly distally towards the blade. A running wolf and other latten inlays are present. Labeled German 1350 - 1400 (Dufty plate 4a).

IX.1085 - Medieval sword with a disc pommel. Labeled late 14th Century.

IX.1106 - Medieval sword of moderate length and width, tapering along straight edges to an acute point. The blade has a flattened diamond cross section. Labeled late 14th Century, from Lake Constance (Dufty plate 4f).

IX.1107 - Medieval sword with a moderately tapering wide blade with a wide fuller running about two-thirds of the blade length. The iron cross guard includes a small triangular projection towards the blade and has quillions partially downturned at the tips at about a 45 degree angle. The iron pommel has less sharply upturned tips giving a profile resembling the arm rest of a crutch. Labeled second half of 13th Century (Dufty plate 2d).

IX.1441 - Medieval sword with a beveled wheel pommel and inlaid shield designs in latten on the blade. Labeled late 13th Century.

AL.23.5 - Medieval sword with iron brazil nut pommel, long slender iron cross-guard, and geometric latten inlays on the blade. (Personally, I'd surmise an earlier date than the mid-13th Century date in the exhibit labeling and in Dufty (compare with the INGELRII at Kelvingrove in Glasgow) (Dufty plate 3b).

AL.23.6 - Medieval sword with a short fuller, a running wolf mark and down-turned quillions. Labeled possibly German, late 14th Century.

AL.23.96 - Medieval sword with a short fuller and disc pommel. Labeled circa 1300.

AL.40.1 - Medieval sword, hand and a half, of Oakeshott's type XV with an Alexandria (Egypt) arsenal accession inscription dating to 1419. (On loan from Leeds Castle).

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