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This section, presented alphabetically by categories, includes links to other sites with related themes on the Internet, usually not otherwise specified within the body of the text, which I have found to be especially useful, informative or enjoyable. While some sites could be listed in multiple categories, a single "best fit" has been attempted.

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Armourers & Bladesmiths includes illustrations of new custom swords and knives as well as of antique and ethnographic examples for sale.

Kevin Cashen, master bladesmith and creator of pattern-welded swords.

Castle Keep on the Isle of Skye, being the trade name of bladesmith Rob Miller, and supplying both unique custom and standardized traditional swords and knives.

Mercenarys Tailor Armoury for handmade plate, mail and leather armour, to include shields.

Salamander Armoury is the trade name for Dr. Jim Hrisoulas, and this site includes much information of interest on bladesmithing and blade design. A section on pattern-welding is also includes an on-line catalog of this maker's work.

Zowada Custom Knives is the business trade name for Tim Zowada, a master bladesmith doing fine pattern-welded work, who also coordinates the annual Ashokan Seminar of the New England Bladesmith's Guild. His site includes illustrations of his fine work, general information about blades and a section of photomicrographs of blade edges.

Books and Magazines
Please refer to the Book Dealers and Periodicals Page


Lone Keep Internet, an ISP in New Jersey with a medieval theme, provides a linkpage to medieval related sites.

Therion's Arms & Armor Resources of the Web contains some links to great sites that I (and possibly you!) had not previously seen.

Martial Arts - Using the Sword

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts, a training school located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, emphasizes 11th through 14th Century European fighting arts.

The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA) pages feature a wealth of information concerning the design and, especially, actual use of swords. A number of essays on a wide variety of topics is included as is a large annotated bibliography and glossary of terminology. I especially enjoyed John Clements' Fantasy of Swords essay.

The Blade Society is a fencing club located in Portland, Maine.

Metalworking and Blacksmithing Resources

Anvilfire is presented as resource for blacksmiths and related metal workers and includes book reviews, a discussion group, information about suppliers, and, of course, links.

Damasteel AB (Söderfors, Sweden) produces patterned steels by means of a powder metallurgy process and supplies Damascene steel billets and bars for a variety of applications.

Swords - Commercial - Antique
Please refer also to the Mediaeval Sword Sources subpage of the Collector's Guide

Arms and Armour Auctions provides coverage of the auction market.

Swords - Commercial - New

Arms & Armor (Minneapolis, MN, USA) offers their own full line of reproduction arms.

Arms of Valor is an on-line merchant dealing in a wide variety of replica arms and armour.

Del Tin Armi Antiche (Maniago, Italy) offers a full line of reproduction arms.

Men at Arms in South Africa offers the Del Tin line of reproduction historical swords.

Swords - Noncommercial
See also the Documents Section

The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA) Forum for serious considerations about the actual use of swords in historical combat, as opposed to fencing and stage combat (formerly HACA).

Björns Svärdssida (or "Björn's Sword Page), from Sweden, includes a number of well researched essays on historical swords and an ever expanding virtual museum with photographs, descriptions and dimensions of antique swords (Presented in Swedish and English versions).

The Ethnographic Edged Weapons Resource Site, though later in inception than this medieval sword site, is now in fact the parent site of which this site is a subset. It is still very new and under continuing development, and is intended to be an on-line encyclopedia of the diversity of historic edged weapons world-wide, containing original illustrations and descriptions as well as links to outstanding noncommercial sites. The sites linked to on this, my Ethnographic page, are strongly recommended and are not duplicated here.

The Internet Sword Collectors Association web site includes information particularly focusing on military and fraternal swords and includes numerous articles and tips on recognizing various types of swords and caring for them., while focused on reproductions of European arms and armour, also includes a number of articles on antique swords, including medieval swords. Their presentation of the Oakeshott classification of medieval European swords is particularly recommended. While you are there, be sure to try out the 'weapon comparison tool'. The site also hosts an active discussion forum focused on both reproduction and antique arms and armour.

NetSword includes a number of subforums including sword-making, medieval swords, and generalized weapons archaeology. A good place for discussions on the places of swords in medieval and other ancient societies. The site also includes essays on sword related topics.

The Oakeshott Institute - a nonprofit education and research center with the purpose of furthering the study of ancient arms and armor.

Sword Collector Forum for topics of interest to "mainstream" collectors of antique swords generally of military origin, hosted by Mike McWatters.

Sword Forum International for lively discussions on all sword related topics with a special emphasis on swords currently being made in all styles.

Web Rings
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