Khukuris of Nepal and India
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Khukuri History, Development and Terminology (pending this page)
Examples of 19th Century Nepalese Khukuris (under construction)
Examples of 20th Century Nepalese Khukuris (pending intrasite link)
Examples of Indian Military Khukuris (pending intrasite link)

For more khukuri information on the web:

Howard Wallace's Himalayan Imports Forum Khukuri FAQ

Himalayan Imports

Himalayan Imports Forum on BladeForums

especially including a brief essay on the history and significance of the khukuri and a great photo essay showing the steps the kamis go through in making a khukuri:

Khukuri makers of Nepal

Archived threads of interest from the old Himalayan Imports Forum on KnifeForums:
A silver mounted kothimora
Salyan, circa 1850, with 9 accesory tools
A Salyan style khukuri
A tin chirra with a horn grip and brass trim
19th Century khukuri with blade of pattern-welded steel
Another Nepalese khukuri

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