Examples of 19th Century Nepalese Khukuris
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Nepali military khukuri, early to mid-1800s, with chakma, karda and tinder pouch. Collection: JP, #06.

Nepali khukuri, circa 1820 to 1830 with six accessory tools. Shadows have been edited from the lower detail view of the handle and cho. Overall length: 16.1 inches; blade length: 12.3 inches; maximum width: 2.3 inches; spine angle 150° Collection: JP, #07.

Nepali sirupati, mid-1800s, possibly military, with two accessory tools; the karda handle being an old replacement. The leather work is especially beautiful. Note the sash straps with buttons. Collection: JP, #04.

Nepali kothimora (a presentation grade khukuri), circa 1860 with two accessory tools. The engraved blade has subsequently been overpolished. Collection: JP, #61.

Nepali military khukuri, circa 1860 to 1880. Collection: JP, #14.

Nepali military khukuri, circa 1870 to 1890. Note the inlay work on the sheath and the sash straps. Overall length: 19 inches; blade length: 15 inches; maximum width: 2.6 inches; spine angle 149° Collection: JP, #56.

Note: Overall length measurements are taken from the blade tip to the center of butt-cap. Blade length is measured from the base of the spine to the tip. Spine angle is measured only on khukuris with an angle, versus a continuous curve, and is measured relative to the base of the spine and the tip of the blade.

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