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Default Storage Case for Tulwars

Hello Folks,

I am having a hard time finding the right storage case for some of my really nice tulwars. I tried the gun case with the foam that you can pull out based on the shape but I am still not super pleased with the results. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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EAAF Staff
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Obviously the gun case with cut outs in the foam would provide excellent protection for transport. A few years ago I came across a long wooden box with elaborate marquetry work at the Brimfield flea market, probably of Syrian manufacture and not that old. Now empty, it had reportedly contained a 'scimitar' that the dealer had sold off separately (the dealer was still 'glowing' from the profit of that sale). The interior is fabric lined with ties to secure a sword. I paid the $100 asked and I now keep my Saudi saif in it. I will try to get a photo made and post it here.
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Will M
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My experience is that foam attracts moisture and easily rusts items contained within.
For transportation I use a nylon zippered golf bag that has two wheels. The interior has adjustable straps and velcro.
I use gun socks for each sword then put them into the bag securing them with the straps.
Of course this is not for display but does make for easy storage and travel with the exterior handles and wheels.
I've never had a sword damaged or scratched using this method.
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Jens Nordlunde
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I may have misunderstood the quiestion, but is the question about a storage case, or is it about a transportation case?
If it a storage case, I woud suggest a metal cast with drawers, mostly used for tools, but the drawers are very bigm and very suteable for swords and daggers. You can get some acid free rubber to put into the drawers, also used for tools, to make sure the weapons stay where you put them.
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For storage only if you're expecting an earthquake...

Rubber/latex should be avoided due to corrosive breakdown products. Most available foam is of very dubious quality, too! Beware of evaporating plastic components which can irreversibly stain or damage materials including silver!

High-quality silicone may work as a anti-gliding surface for drawers; if you're careful, clean dense cotton fabric may do and looks less artificial (beware of hiding pests though). The best surface to place pieces on would be glass or quality acrylic (in the latter, you can glue in spacers to avoid gliding).

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Options I can think of:

1) Reline the gun case (top and bottom) with egg carton foam. Don't worry about recessing a space for it. Just close the case on it with the new foam in place. It will conform to the shape of the piece(s) while closed and hold it very snugly in place. When opened and the piece(s) removed the foam should for the most part return to it's original shape.

2) Impress the pieces into floral foam (floral foam takes impression very easily). Then coat the impression with a few coats of spray on Plasti Dip. You may want to wiggle the piece in the impression a bit before coating to correct for the thickness that the Plasti dip will add. You can then easily dig out the foam once the plastic dip dries and having a perfectly conforming shell. Though personally I'd leave the foam in place.
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