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Default 1796 Pattern Officers Sword with boatshell guard

Here is my 1796 Pattern Officersí sword. Often referred to as the Heavy Cavalry dress sword, or sword for dismounted service because of the boatshell guard and double edged blade. Other times this style is called the General Officerís type, predating the 1831 Pattern Mameluke.

Either way this sword is on the shorter end of typical with a 810mm blade, has itís leather scabbard and weighs 890 grams. Blade is supplied by J J Runkel which is also common for the type and dates it to before 1808. One interesting feature is the row of holes drilled into the inside edge of the guard. Likely done to allow a piece of cloth to be added there to protect the officers uniform.

Let me know if the statistics of the blade are of interest and Iíll add them here.
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Will M
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Great to find this pattern sword in such good condition with scabbard.
I have a later 1822/45p infantry sword with an interesting addition quite similar to what you could put through the holes on your swords guard.
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Jim McDougall
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This is curious. The 1822/45 pattern has yarn wrapped around the inside guard, which would seem to be to prevent chafing of the uniform while worn. But the purpose of the folding guard is said to be to resolve that, so this seems redundant.
If the holes in the boat shell guard were to thread yarn for the chafing issue that might be feasible. If they were to secure padding as with many basket or half basket hilts, it seems it would be full surround.
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Default 1796 Pattern Officers Sword with boatshell guard

I wonder if the holes are for a leather edging piece, folded over the guard edge and stitched through those holes? Harder wearing than yarn.
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Old 1st November 2021, 05:13 PM   #5
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The bowl appears to have a fairly thick leather liner, likely to protect the hand from an opponent's thrust thru the openings in the guard design. Looks like the 'folding' portion may be permanently erect. Many folding bits lost the lock button & their owners took the easy route out and had them soldered in the erect position. (The design of the lock button was poor & if replaced would usually just fail again in short order. Some did work, I guess depending on the maker & assigned workman, or the sword was never used in anger, they are a tad more expensive if the folding bit still works)

Brass rubbings would also leave an oxide stain on a light uniform. 'm guessing the gent's trousers were a similar red shade, to make the wool wrap less apparent. This guy showed initiative and was not immune to 'thinking outside the box' like most upper class ijjuts who purchased their commissions.

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