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Default Couple of Dha, Couple of questions

Couple of recent pickups..

If i remember rightly the dagger was described as kachin, but ive seen the exact same type and style of blade on other daggers described as 'shan', although they tended to have more ornate furniture (silver fittings etc). Scabbard looks original and has had a recent repair. Blade shows lovely laminatations and a tempered edge.

Also picked up this nice sword which has an almost identical cousin seen here item number 232


I really like the feel of this one in the hand.

Do peeps agree my example would be likely 19th century also like the one in the link, and would you say Burma or Thailand is more likely? I know this clipped point style blade is seen on kachin and shan pieces, does it ever appear on thai swords aswell??

thanks all for your time

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and one ive had for a while now, a no thrills fighting sword me thinks, nice long blade, uncommonly straight.

Im guessing late 19th / early 20th cent from Burma? Blade has seen some use, and has some defensive damage on the spine of the blade along with some edge nicks. Nothing fancy about this one.
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Old 3rd December 2010, 06:51 AM   #3
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#1 Dagger...beautiful activity on the blade.

#2 Sword....I think Mark, had question if this one is Bama? Or??

#3 Sword....interesting blade...usually you don't see ones that straight...I have one that is a very plan daab with a straight blade like this...supposedly from southern Laos.
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Old 18th December 2010, 01:19 PM   #4
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#1 Yes, this is Shan. The attribution as Kachin may have been made some time ago, before we completely understood ethnic origins and attributed the simpler ones simply as "Kachin." Having said that, given the interconnectedness of the Kachin and the Shan both geographically and culturally (see, e.g., Leach, Political Systems of Highland Burma), this one could well have actually belonged to a Kachin. Beautiful activity in the blade.

#2 These are a little bit of a puzzle. Likely Burman (shorter three-part handle, square tip on the scabbard), but the clip point seems to indicate a Kachin influence.

#3 Burman. The short handle gives it away.
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