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Mickey the Finn
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Default Re: Primbon Jawa; penanggalan Jawa, dll.

I've got a problem: I don't know where to get translations for terms such as Warsa, Mngs, Sadwr/Paringklan, Hastwr/Padewan, Sngwr/Padangon, Saptwr/Pancasuda, Paarasan, dll.
The meaning of some terms such as Lambang, Rakam, and Paarasan I can get some idea of (perhaps entirely the wrong idea) by computer translation from Sundanese or Malay into English. I cannot rely on "intuition" based on patchy familiarity with any "western" tradition of astrology, tarot attributions/ correspondences, and such to fill in the blanks. That Javanese has three registers makes things a bit more difficult; and then there's Kawi.
Having made efforts to study the Old and New Testaments in Greek, I know that (at least in this particular field) highly specialized and obscure reference books are available, sometimes for bargain basement/ fire sale prices (Hatch & Redpath's Concordance to the Septuagint for USD65.00!). I'm not counting on finding any such bargains, or Amazonesque "point and click" ease of ordering reference books relating to anything Javanese. I'm also aware that I may need to devote some of my spare time over the next two to three years to learning the Javanese script, and possibly the Kawi (and possibly various Indic/ Brahmic scripts); no problem. I got the gist of Russian and Greek script between 12 and 14.
But if someone could please point me in the direction of a reference book in which I'll be able to look up Javanese technical terms pertaining to "horoscopes", "almanacks", etc, in Latin script I'd be grateful.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
Mickey the Finn
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