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Default Keris, inscription, rough age.

Firstly, this is not mine. I'm holding it for a friend who doesn't trust that it won't go missing where he currently lives. I'm also seeing about if I can get any more details about it for him. This has been in his family for some decades. He's wanted it since he first saw the blade when he was 15. About 2 years ago they put it out at a yard sale (just after aggressively, but only partly cleaning it) for $15. He saw it there and asked them if he could rescue it from being sold to some stranger, to which they agreed.

Within his family it was originally owned by the father of his cousin's wife. The father and his cousin's wife are Filipino. The father (Larry) has a part interest in a family owned tiger shrimp farm in the Philippines. It's located just outside of the municipality of Makato in the province of Aklan on Panay. Larry was knocking down the wall to a hut on that farm in the 70's in order to expand the hut. He found the sword concealed in the wall he was knocking down. The age of the hut previous to the renovation/addition is unknown. The sword has been owned/kept by one member of their family or another ever since.

I wouldn't say it's considered an heirloom by his family (except in my friend's eyes and I think I'd have to agree). It was just this cool old sword that no one could ever bring themselves to toss. And that eventually made it's way all the way out to California (the Filipino side of their family moved out here a few decades ago).

There's a few things my buddy would like to know about it:

1) If it looks like it was made at or near where it was found; Or if it possibly comes from somewhere else in the Philippines.

2) Any plausible ideas on why someone would hide it like that.

3) A better idea of when it may have been made.

4) What kind of material is the handle likely (this one is more me that wants to know)? It looks and feels like horn of some kind. Even has file marks on it like I've seen show on horn before. But horn is hollow. I've posted a solid horn handled blade on here before. But it was less than a 1/4th inch thick and curved on one side. This has to be some kind of wood the polishes up to look like horn?

5) Any idea what the inscription says? It was revealed when the blade was "cleaned" and Larry doesn't recall him or anyone else scraping something into it. So It's likely from before it was put in the wall. But I can't even tell if the characters are English or if some of them just look like they could be English. I've included a flash and no flash picture of the inscription.

6) Finally (and again this one is more me), I intend to make him a scabbard for it while I'm holding onto it for him. As far as I know it's never had one. So any pics of similar blades with scabbards would be helpful. As I'd like to stay within the realm of authentic looking (though there will be marks on the scabbard to indicate that it is newly made for an older sword).

As for my own thoughts on it the things I found interesting are that the guard looks filed in place. I didn't get the best angle on it. but someone spent a little time really trying to file the brass up against the base of the blade. Looks almost brazed in the picture, but it's not. In person you can see the file marks and that it's actually gapped there. Just a really close gap.

Another thing is that under the peen and butt cap there's a hole on the side that has had a wedge of the same material as the handle tapped into it. Wondering if that has something to do with peening the end of the tang or maybe it once anchored a thong or something? Again hard to see in the picture but it doesn't look like a repair as much as it does a component.
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