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Default French M1811 Naval Sabre? Questions

Greetings All

I bought this sword out of an Nautical collection auction out of Maryland a while ago. It appears to be a M1811 French Naval Sabre that has been excavated or found under water at one point. It has been conserved and is solid. There are remnants of Japanning on the Cup. Unfortunately, all markings have been lost to corrosion.

I found a picture of this exact sword on another forum on a vendors table at the Hartford Antique Arms Show Oct. 11-12 2008.

Just wondering if anyone has any idea where this sword came from or if anyone has any info on it.

Best Regards
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Looks like a std. early 19c French naval cutlass. The decor looks like the 1801 Napoleonic style, with that 5 lobed upper guard projection rather than the 1811 or 1833 versions.

Trafalgar didn't let many survive, at least in France. Nappy was fond of the Marines and naval units and used the survivors of Trafalgar as elite Artillery as part of his Guarde Imperiale, since he had no navy left to put them on.

I recall he took a few with him to St. Helena. Marine units maintained naval ranks and structure even after becoming part of the guard. Marine Officers used a rather distinctive very curved and clip-pointed sabre in lieu of the more delicate Naval Officers sword of the period. Lower ranks of the Crew would carry a cutlass, probably like yours.

Napoleonic style Marine Officer's sabre for illustration:
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it must be a french model of a boarding saber / marine,
Model 1833 called '' cuiller pot''
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It can be hard to tell the models apart. The 1833 had a smooth rounded quillion so this is one of the earlier versions with the lobed quillion. Without any markings the length of the blade may give you a clue.

Model IX 1800 Blade: 65cm long and 5.1cm wide at ricasso
Model X 1801/2 Blade: 75cm long and 3.9cm wide
Model 1811 Blade: 67.6 long and 3.65 wide

These are much rarer than the 1833.

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Thanks for the Measurements.

It is definitely an M1811.

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