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Default pencak / pentjak weapons

Although there are many collectors of Indonesian cold weapons with a lot of knowledge on the item itself here, I hardly read about their origin, i.e. noble art in which they were used. Not taking ceremonial weapons.
Hence I would like to give it a try

Having been trained myself in pentjak / pencak silat setia hati (one of the many Indonesian pencak forms) since 1975 in the Netherlands, by one of the old masters from the old country, I only got to know them by their Indonesian name.

Like the "cabang", which is also known as "Trisula" or "Sia"( thank you Kronckew for pointing this out in another topic!).

Enclosed some pics from a new pencak cabang, an antique one and one by Kronckew. Literature and info can be found in : Keris Jawa (Haryoguritno) de Kris I, (Tammens), Traditional weapons from the Indonesian Archipelago (van Zonneveld), Keris Indonesia, Keris Bali (Neka) en Tafsir Keris (Bpk Junus).

So next the the plural pencak verslons in Indonesia, I know there also are versions in Malesia, Brunei,the Philippines and perhaps some more countries(?)...

So my question is, do you know other names for these weapons and from which country or martial art

Pisau (knife)
Kujang ( ritual knife)
Kerambit (cutting knife)
Golok / Parang (machete)
Arrit / Cerulit (sickle)
Pedang (short sword)
Ular Pedang snake sword
Badik (dagger)
Rencong (dagger)

FYI: the rencong originates from Atjeh / Aceh and has some nice additional info for you...

An Atjeh proverb says "Tatob ngon reuncong jeuet Ion peu-ubat, nyang saket that tapansie haba." (a rencong stab can be treated, criticism (with words) hurts much more...).

Next it is said it symbolises the word "Basmala" (Bismillah)

the handle stands for ب = letter ba
the decoration at the handle's beginning stands for س = letter sin
the blade for the letter م = mim
the shape of the metal pieces at the top of the blade stands for ل = lam
the base of the scabbard for ه = letter hav

together they make بِسْمِ الله = "Basmala": Bismillah

Hope you guys come up with quite some names of the pencak weapons, thnx !
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