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Gavin Nugent
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I recall over the years many questions about the origins of the keris, the oldest know keris and similar questions. The Knaud keris often came up, equally on the Knaud keris, there seems to be some conjecture amongst those more learned in the subject than I am, I barely scrape the superficial layers of these complexities.

I recall Alan indicated the oldest keris was likely 1000 AD, some few hundred years before the dates associated with Knaud's Keris.... other iconography has been presented too supporting this...

Totally off on a tangent and feel free to delete the post moderators, if it is too far off topic, afterall I am only throwing this out these from how I loosely view the form when I look at the Chinese Ge.

I know the Chinese immigration to the regions is accepted as only about 1300 AD and these bronze age weapons predate them by a couple of thousand years, but I find the form, if you consider their rectangle tang that sits within a haft and the long side lashed to it, but in isolation, if the tang was the handle, the form is very similar.

Side tangent flight of fancy over.
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