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Default Shipping an old Keris from UK to USA? Help


Please advise me if possible.

I have identified an old keris in London I wish to ship to the USA. The dealer says DHL mail and fedex will not ship these bc kerises are blades.

He recommended an arms and armour specialist courier but the cost would be in excess of 500 dollars.

Can you advise me how I can have the keris delivered w/o using the specialist courier or is it impossible.
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I guess it all depends on the definition of the Kris in each of the two countries

these are the rules used by Parcel Force to ship to the US

“..Weapons Weapons (including Section 5 firearms, CS gas and pepper sprays, flick knives, and other knives that are banned knives under UK laws, tasers and stun guns)....”

Is a Kris a “ weapon” banned in the UK and US?

This would be essential. I recently sent, via the post to the UK a blade to someone it was traveling with a shield and described in the custom declaration as kris. It went without any problems.

I regularly see blades being offered on line from the US available also in Europe , so it has to be possible.
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As far as receiving the keris in the United States, use tariff code 9705.00.0080 on the declaration to facilitate duty-free entry.
For the purposes of statistical reporting number 9705.00.0080, "Ethnographic pieces", which may also be called "ethnological pieces" are objects that are the product of a tribal or nonindustrial society and are important to the cultural heritage of a people because of their distinctive characteristics, comparative rarity or their contribution to the knowledge of the origins, development or history of that people.
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I am not sure it is necessary

I have quit a lot of experience is sending saxophones from many countries to the US and , unless the shipping address (to and fro) is a company address (so private people) , I never paid (and most people I know, never did that too) any duty sending items , even insured for several hundreds to even thousands of $.

The only one duty was levied was when I shipped a saxophone to a Shop , they paid 6%.

Unfortunately these days in EU we pay a lot more anything entering the EU with a value above €22 pays VAT (21% in the NL, slightly different in each state but everywhere present in the 27 states ) since las June is you also import an item above €150 on top of the VAT one pays ALSO duty.
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