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Default New book:Fighting, Hunting, Impressing: Arms and Armour from the Islamic World 1500-1

Hi Guys,

A new book, I just ordered a copy as it "looks" good.

Fighting, Hunting, Impressing – Arms and Armour from the Islamic World 1500–1850

The book behind the exhibition of the same name, that will open at The David Collection in spring 2021 – Danish corona restrictions allowing – and run until autumn 2021 (check the museum’s website). The book and exhibition focus on the characteristics of Islamic arms and armour from 1500 to 1850, describing the role they played on the battlefield, in connection with hunting and as ornaments.
The vast majority of arms and armour was created for men, and the finest and most lavish specimens were not intended for either fighting or hunting but may be considered a kind of male jewellery and status symbols. Colossal amounts of technical skill and artistic creativity was put into the creation of these objects of beauty, all while retaining their utility as fully functional weapons.
The book’s introductory article examines the role played by fighting and arms and armour in the Koran, and how these relate to the rise and early spread of Islam.
Another article is about furusiyya, the chivalric code of the Islamic world. The concept covers both the practical education and moral edification that noble Islamic warriors of the time were expected to receive.
Arabic script plays a major role in the decoration of Islamic art in general. This also applies to arms and armour, and while many inscriptions come from the Koran, others may also reveal who made the weapons, when they were made and who owned them.
The history of collecting Islamic arms and armour, in the Islamic world and in the West, has many fascinating aspects that are also explored in this publication.
Finally, three articles provide broad insights into the three main contexts in which Islamic arms and armour were used: combat and war, princely hunts, and various ceremonies such as audiences and exchanges of gifts.
The large catalogue section presents and analyses a range of weapons, armour, helmets and shields. Originally created in an area extending from North Africa to India, these pieces have found their way into Danish collections from the seventeenth century onwards. Also included are a number of miniature paintings illustrating the various contexts in which arms and armour were used. An appendix contains translations of the objects’ numerous Arabic, Persian and Turkish inscriptions.
Many of the 151 items featured in the catalogue belong to the David Collection, but other museums and a private collector have also contributed extensively. All the works on display are beautifully reproduced in the book, supplemented by a large number of full-colour illustrations in the introductory articles.
About the authors
The book’s authors and editors are Director Kjeld von Folsach, Curator Joachim Meyer and Curator Peter Wandel – all three from the David Collection. The book also contains contributions by Professor Thomas Hoffmann, University of Copenhagen, and Will Kwiatkowski, an international scholar specialised in Islamic inscriptions.
English edition: ISBN 978-87-92596-10-9
Danish edition: ISBN 978-87-92596-28-4
Size: 296 pages, richly illustrated
Publisher: The David Collection in commission with Strandberg Publishing
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Jens Nordlunde
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Although the museum is closed due to the virrus, the book can be ordered here at Strandberg Publishing from Friday March 26th.
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I got my copy last week and the book is available online on many websites.
It's an excellent book with broad articles at the beginning then the catalogue.
Only one thing is strange, it is not the catalogue of the Museum but a mixed up of pieces from private collectors and the Museum collections.
Some collectors are even members of this forum
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Old 24th March 2021, 08:09 PM   #4
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Dear Kubur, i was not able to locate it in a european website (UK now has import fees for us so UK websitew are not of use)
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Keris forum moderator
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I'd just like to remind you guys that NO commercial notices are allowed on regular forums (i.e. links or mentions about where you can purchase this book).
The regular forums can be used to discuss contents of new books and reviews. You CANNOT talk about where to buy it. Posts in Swap Forums CAN contain that information.
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