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Wayne thank you so much for adding that, Washington's colichemarde, very notable! Stuart Mowbray co authored a book on Washington;s swords. It is interesting to see just how important the 'culture of the sword' remained as a point of honor long after the advent of firearms had rendered it quite 'secondary' as a weapon.

Midelburgo, very exciting on the arrival of this sword and looking forward to pics. I think your assessment on the blade is right and am curious at how a rapier blade became colichemarde considering how narrow they are.
I know a lot of rapier blades were mounted in smallswords.

When rapiers ended up in California according to some accounts, the blades were shortened. The one blade (unmounted) I have I think is about 1700, has JESUS one side MARIA the other, a Toledo mark, and about 41" long.
Found in Panama off a shipwreck.

I dont have access presently, but need to get pics of markings.
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