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Originally Posted by Saracen View Post
The tang on these daggers is riveted in the pommel of the handle.
Heating the blade will not help solve the problem. There is no resin there.
In addition, there is a risk of damaging the handle, because it is already cracked.
I would leave it alone.
ah yeah your right.. these are mostly full tags. .
my apologies. i have an ebonite handled german made one which is a partial tang held in with resin..

if it is a full tang tagger its a different game. youd need to file off the peen.. remove the blade.. (warming it slightly if its also on with pitch) and then set it again and repeen it very carefully with a small ball peen hammer and some very careful strikes. -
you must hold the blade in your hand and carefully strike the peen with a little ball peen hammer once the peen has formed you hold the handle in your hand and strike the peen.. you can then peen it together without crushing or breaking the handle as compression will happen only as the tang shrinks not through it bending or being crushed. ..

a lot more complex for a person with no knife making experience.

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