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Default My new Dahl Shield

Hi All,

I got this Indian Dahl shield with the Sudanese shield I put up last week.(seeing as we seem to have lot of shield discussion going on at the moment I taught I would put it up)

Large enough 58cm diameter in good enough condition but lacking all the paint off the shield

Nice bosses with green glass (or emeralds ;-)) in the tips, handle intact with all points in contact and v sturdy chain going through the hand loops, red velvet in good condition

5th decorative boss at the top of the shield

I am not going to do any cleaning, (it is dirty from abuse and its unloved recent past) just putting up here to show and also does anyone have any idea of age of this shield and what animal the hide might be from.

I took one picture with desk light behind to see if this would indicate any particular animal.

Comments much appreciated

Regards to all

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