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Default Here are some notes from Whitelaw 1934/1977

" it may be remarked that the introduction of Jacobite emblems in the design of sword hilts described above shows the difference between the Scottish and English Jacobite. The former put these emblems ON HIS SWORD while the latter was satisfied to put them on his drinking glass."

p.310 (plate V, fig.6) "...the decoration bears a strong similarity to what is found on the best quality of iron pistols made in Doune and Stirling during the second quarter and early third quarter of 18th c. that it may safely assumed to be the work of one of the Stirling armourers. "

It is interesting to note that often clues to decoration and markings is often found on firearms, something that seems to be overlooked in many cases.
As a collector of edged weapons I did not have much in the way of firearm resources, so did not realize this importance for quite some time.

"...the oak leaf was the badge of the Stuarts and one of the secret emblems of the Jacobites".

While these symbols seem to be properly depicted mostly in the Stirling hilts, the Glasgow as I have mentioned, tend to be highly stylized or perhaps represent other marks known on German blades or other.

These are the areas I'd like to look further into, and I hope others interested in Scottish arms and material culture might join in.
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