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As noted, it is certain this tulwar has been in the Bikaner armory, and perhaps the secondary markings in the typical stippled manner would suggest some administrative protocol in its tenure there.

As Jens has probably studied tulwars and weapons with these markings more than anyone I have known, and well notes that Bikaner markings were typically numbers, it seems doubtful that any textual inscription might be included unless some abbreviated note.

With the 'script' on the spine of the blade, I am inclined to think it may be a kind of 'Arabesque', that is, an 'interpretation' or decorative addition. The script does not seem cohesive or matching letters of either Gurmukhi, Devangari or Urdu....but closest would probably be Urdu, which is written in Nasta'liq.
If applied by someone who did not normally write in this but was copying it this could explain.

As I have understood, a good number of weapons were deaccessed from this armory some years ago and collectors markets well stocked with them.
This is a most interesting example and apparently with some intriguing history with these markings and that scarf weld.
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