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I think that the interpretation by Kwiatek #12 might be correct: it was a prestige thing without any meaning.
This practice is still in use among the Chinese fakers: inscriptions on pseudo- European blades in randomly picked Latin letters. I have also seen a slew of “Russian” shashka-like objects with stamped or deep etched markings in Russian alphabet without any meaning or with gross spelling errors. Those are fakes.

But the blades shown here cannot be labeled as such by any means: they are excellent old fighting examples with small marketing “enhancements”. One step off the “Assadulla” blades clearly dated as 19th century or excellent rapiers marked with names of famous masters. After all, bladesmiths all over had families to feed :-) .That’s why we do not use the word “fake” for them: just mention that the inscription is a more highbrow “spurious”:-)
I would not hesitate for a moment paying good price for any of those.
As a matter of fact I did: a pulwar with a North Indian blade marked with a round " Persian" stamp at the ricasso and, for a good measure, with a "pseudo European" inscription on the blade itself.
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