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Default Swiss Sabre

Hi Jasper

Can you tell me where you found the texts on "Reiterschwerter"? I am trying to increase my library on European swords pre 1700 and thanks to Google translate I can now almost decipher what’s in them. I do have an extensive library which includes everything I have been able to find written and or published in English. We previously focused on British swords but recently have returned to early swords and now focus on Europe.

By the way never be tempted to download the German proofing tool in the Office suit, I did, and my entire office package was in German, and I had to reinstall Office from Windows to get English back.

Thankyou also Corrado for your information.

I have posted previously asking for the names of references on Early European edged weapons and thus far I have acquired the following:
BOCCIA L.G., COELHO E.T., EDITRICE B. Armi Bianche Italiane
CRONAU, Rud Geschichte der Klingenindustrie Solingens
Blankwaffen I & 2 - Heribert Seitz (Klinkhardt e Biermann)
Europaische Hieb - Und Stichwaffen Aus Der Sammlung Des Museums Fur Deutsche Geschichte (this one is still in the post)

Cheers Cathey and Rex
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