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Default A Madura Keris?

Hello Again, the second keris that I would ike to bring to your attention was bought from the same estate. This collector passed away some 35 years ago and bought his Krises 50 to 60 years ago from a shop in the Netherlands.

The Ukiran, Warangka en Pendok are certainly all contemporary between themselves and to me they were made to purpose, do they show a parrot?. I am reasonably sure that the wilah is also contemporary to the keris although some people in the Netherlands have been speculating that this was an older wilah which was born without the carving and then this was added afterwards.

I am not sure what to think. I like the wilah very much and it shows a peacock ( merak) with a tail in the form resembling a Naga , the pamor is present within and outside the engraving.
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