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You might be right Naturalist, but both Shadeg & Barber give "pangentas" as :-

"holy water that frees from sin"

The meaning of "tas" is actually "to cut off", not "broken off", and in fact as "to cut off" "tas" as the root of "pengentas" makes more sense than "broken off".

I was first given the name "pengentas" by a Brahmin around forty years ago, and I've used it in conversation with other Balinese people since. Nobody has ever corrected me --- but that doesn't mean much.

A "blakas" is a big knife, any big knife, a "tiuk" --- or "tiyuk" if you prefer --- is a little knife. Not quite the same category. In fact, "tiuk" can be applied with a qualifier to just about any small cutting implement I think. A "tiuk pangundulan" is a razor.
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