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I was very fortunate that Mpu Basuki Teguh Yuwono, Mpu Totok Brojodiningrat and the photographer Ibu Septiana visited me in January 2019.
I had a number of questions and uncertainties about the forging of the Keris (for my study about this subject).

Patrick the Vries, the owner of “de Vries Antiek” (a shop in the Netherlands, specialized in the Keris and other traditional Indonesian weaponry),
suggested to ask an Mpu for assistance.
Patrick knew the work of Mpu Basuki and was familiar with his traditional way of forging a Keris.
With the help of the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands, Patrick could arrange a visit of the three to my forge in Belgium.

During three full days working (with all of us) Mpu Basuki forged a Keris Dholog with the pamor Buntel Mayit.
During those days we worked as one family with the same goal. We discussed the questions I had in detail and where required Basuki showed how some technical aspects were performed.
Mpu Totok accompanied the forging work in a spiritual way by chanting authentic mantras'.

Their visit made an unforgettable impression on me, not only because of the technical aspects but also because of the way we worked together which felt like working with friends knowing each other for many years.

I made a report of this visit in the shape of a small booklet (A4 format, 36 pages).
This booklet can be ordered with Patrick de Vries (15 Euro).
De Vries antiek, (general) (Keris page), email:
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