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Options I can think of:

1) Reline the gun case (top and bottom) with egg carton foam. Don't worry about recessing a space for it. Just close the case on it with the new foam in place. It will conform to the shape of the piece(s) while closed and hold it very snugly in place. When opened and the piece(s) removed the foam should for the most part return to it's original shape.

2) Impress the pieces into floral foam (floral foam takes impression very easily). Then coat the impression with a few coats of spray on Plasti Dip. You may want to wiggle the piece in the impression a bit before coating to correct for the thickness that the Plasti dip will add. You can then easily dig out the foam once the plastic dip dries and having a perfectly conforming shell. Though personally I'd leave the foam in place.
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