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I have this book and I love it! I may be biased because one of my collection is featured there, but in my opinion, this is a breakthrough book in Indonesian standard. Rarely before did a writer with Toni Junus' academic capacity courageously and openly cover the mystical - cultural aspects of the Javanese keris - which we all know are inseparable from Kejawen thinking. This book is overdue as a literary effort to bring into public awareness certain "kerisology" records that might otherwise vanish due to pressures from the shifting of society values in Indonesia. Among other "sensitive" subjects discussed in the book, it also quotes esoteric information such as an ancient prayer to greet various spiritual rulers of Java as well as mantras to recite when making a keris.

Toni Junus took a bold step by writing such a book and IMHO, he deserves support.
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