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Hello Eric,

Thanks for your additional pics!

I'm afraid there are no genuine keris sundang originating from Madurese culture. Blades that probably might have been crafted by entrepreneuring Madurese bladesmiths appear to be a fairly recent phenomenon. From my observations, it seems that native styles (typical for Madura/Jawa) tend to shine through with these blades.

I believe this piece has been artificially aged: There is a considerable difference of surface corrosion and damage between the tip and the base of the blade (as well as the pesi).

I already mentioned the weird pamor and the carved naga both of which do not really vibe well with a traditional Melayu origin IMHO.

Also the features at the base of the blade do not seem to be compatible with a traditional Melayu origin for me.

Thus, there seem to be way too many red flags with this piece. Please don't see it as a final verdict though: More info gained from a detailed analysis (staining, etc.) may help to gain more insights.

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