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Hello Detlef,

Like said, I guess a Malay or Bugis origin for your blade, look for examples and their handles here at old threads and elsewhere that you know how a handle has to look. It will be extremely difficult to find an old/antique handle but I know that you can find very well carved new handle in Malaysia. Just search a little bit, you can also use the swap forum for your search. A simple Malay scabbard can get crafted from someone who has some skills if wanted.
Attached some pictures for inspiration, taken from old threads.
Let's keep my Bugis keris sundang (ex Kai Wee's collection) out of this - it's a completely different beast!

What really makes me doubt any Melayu origin is the bold pamor and it's very unusual pattern (including near the tip): If anything, pattern-welded keris sundang from the Malay peninsula as well as Sumatra are extremely rare (even more so than in Bangsa Moro kris blades)!

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