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Thanks Detlef, meanwhile i've been catching up on old threads with "sundang" and also saw the birdheaded keris, that's a stunning piece.

But I think a more stylized (cockatoo) head would also be fine - and less difficult to carve. I won't dare to say I'm a pro but I do have some woodworking skills, given time I'll make a handle and possibly a sheath and show it here.

About madura -I don't see that too, blade shape and size don't fit the bill. Looking at all the signs I also don't believe this blade has been produced recently - but Kai also never claimed it was recent. Or that it was made on Madura for that matter, he just mentioned a madurese smith. When or where is another thing.

Recap: Phillippenes have been ruled out definately, most votes are for malaysia, and some thoughts of Sumatra or a Madurese smith (who might have migrated somewhere else a century ago).

I don't see a curved ganja with scroll at the end (dhunkul) in other pictures of sundang. All in all we'll never be sure where it's from because it's a mix of style elements, let's call it keris campur :-)
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