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Originally Posted by mahratt
Unfortunately, the translation of the inscriptions will not help much:

"Oh Kind!" (usually an appeal to Allah). Year 1250 (1255?)
Thank you Mahratt!

To my eyes looks definitely like Qajar 1250/1834 (or less likely 1205/1790), but I wanted to hear first other opinions as I wasn't very confident in my Nasta'liq date reading competency.

Also the very aesthetical style of decorations appears to be right for that period.

Let us wait to see if my friend will find a fitting explanation for the carvings.

Meanwhile, it would also be nice to see a little more detail of the wootz pattern.

PS: I don't believe it is 1255 because it is a big difference between the supposedly 5 - ٥ and the 0 - ٠ in the carving.

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